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Ho, ho, ho! The silly season is upon us once more

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

And, just like last year, you are once again stuck on what presents to buy. So why not save yourself the hassle and give your family the gift of good health and wellbeing this Christmas?

We here at Wealthy Health have curated a definitive list of presents for each of our beloved family members, for your convenience.


Every Mum wants to look and feel beautiful – and the best way to achieve both is to get a good night’s sleep. It is known that a lack of sleep can cause wrinkles, baggy eyes and a tired-looking complexion. Our SleepInSkin Evening Beauty Elixir is formulated with passion flower and lemon balm to relax and calm the body, and facilitate rest. These benefits are reinforced with the addition of fish collagen, which can help support the skin’s elasticity and structure.


Let’s face it – Dads like their drinks. In 2020, almost 9 in 10 Australian males over the age of 18 had alcohol in some form or another during the year. The holiday season can be a time of even more intensified drinking, from a warm mug of eggnog on Christmas Eve to an ice-cold glass of champagne on New Year’s. While it seems natural for an Aussie bloke to hit the pub once in a while, all that booze can have a serious impact on vital organs, especially the liver.

Our FLD-Exist Liver Tonic 33000 has been uniquely formulated with the potent milk thistle herb to support the growth and regeneration of liver cells, and assist in the liver detoxification process.

The Kids

Kids can be some of the pickiest eaters in the family and, as every parent knows, getting them to sink their teeth into something healthy when they want something tasty can be a challenge. Here at Wealthy Health, we have combined both healthy and tasty into one scrumptious superfood. Our Ocuberry Plus, especially formulated to promote eye health, is packed with a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables including bilberry, acai, grapeseed, carrot, sea buckthorn and calendula. All of this goodness is cleverly disguised in chewable, berry-flavoured buttons to satisfy everyone, no matter how fussy they are.

The Grandparents Age is usually associated with the degradation of muscles, bones and joints and the onset of conditions such as arthritis. However, getting older doesn’t mean you have to get less active. Make sure Grandpa and Grandma can keep moving out and about with our Bio-Green Lipped Mussel Complex 2500. Our mussels are sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand, where the Māori custodians of the land have been harnessing this marine superfood for hundreds of years. The benefits of this product include maintaining heart, joint and brain health, as well as assisting with the mitigation of mild arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms.

Where can these products be found? Our products are available at a variety of locations for your convenience. If you want to beat the Christmas rush, there is a wide range of online options to choose from, including Healthy Go, our Amazon marketplace, Pharmacy Online, Natonic and Mr Vitamins. We also retail from an array of brick-and-mortar pharmacies. To see a full list of our online stores and view our Pharmacy Locator tool, click here.

Always read the label, use our products as directed. Consult a healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

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