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Give Your Health a Fair Go this Australia Day

G’day, G’day! Our national day has rolled around once again. So, if you want to maintain good health and wellbeing while supporting Aussie manufacturing and agriculture, why don’t you give these patriotic products a try? Each of these items is certified by our partners at the Australian Made Campaign and contains ingredients sourced from Australian producers.

Emu Oil

For tens of thousands of years, First Nations peoples have utilised emu oil to treat a range of skin and muscle ailments. Scientific evidence also suggests that the anti-inflammatory properties of these oils can assist in the treatment of wounds and other conditions, and contribute to skin regeneration. Furthermore, emu oil can be a good source of antioxidants.

With high-quality oil sourced from South Australia, you too can enjoy the unique benefits of Aussie bush medicine from the comfort of your own home with our signature emu oil products, Triple Active Emu Balm and 100% Pure Emu Oil Liniment. These have been specially formulated to contain vitamins, minerals, Omega-3, and Omega-6, and can be used to treat sunburns, inflamed joints, and muscles.

Eucalyptus Organic Honey

Throughout history, honey has been widely used across the world for medicinal purposes. In modern times, clinical studies suggest that there is a range of health applications for honey, ranging from treating wounds to alleviating digestive ailments.

Our Eucalyptus Organic Honey is sourced from the rugged, pristine wilderness of South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, which was designated as a bee sanctuary in 1885. It is produced by the island’s unique population of Ligurian bees, the last known remaining pure colony in the world. Isolated and untouched by the bee diseases that have plagued colonies on the mainland, no chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics have been used to develop these apiaries, with bees thriving on the island’s natural flora. The nectar used in honey production comes from the Stringybark Tea Tree (Leptospermum jingera), a relative of the Manuka Tree. The finished product does not contain any added substances, does not expire, and is certified organic with 16+ antibacterial activities.

Daily Booster Raw Organic Honey + Turmeric

Are you looking for a drink with a difference?

Our Daily Booster Raw Organic Honey + Turmeric has been specially formulated with our Kangaroo Island Honey to boost general health and wellbeing. Added to this is turmeric, a potent herb with a variety of uses in medicine. Containing the polyphenol curcumin, it has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, with studies showing its usefulness in improving heart health and brain function. With the addition of cinnamon, this drink will surely be good for both you and your tastebuds!


From 24-28 January, if you purchase these products and more from our website, you'll receive 10% off! Make sure to use the promo code 'AUSSIE' to claim the discount and #giveyourhealthafairgo!

Always read the label, use our products only as directed. Consult a healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

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